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Sarı Restaurant

A new brand of Başkent Grup Restaurant İşl. A.Ş., which aims to break the memorization and to open a new page in the world of gastronomy for those who are bored with the traditional flavours; “Colour of Flavour,” SARI Restaurant invites you to a unique experience.

Setting off with the main theme of “new generation restaurant”, SARI Restaurant serves in 1750m2 detached area where you can overlook the endless sea view and sunset from all floors and tables, on Violet Beach of Florya, one of the oldest elite districts of Istanbul. In addition to its luxuriously-decorated VIP rooms, it also aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level with its free private valet service in its private car park, social services such as expert play sister-controlled children's play room for families with children, baby care room and masjid.

Many concepts are presented together in the menu of SARI Restaurant, which differs from its equivalents, thanks to the approachable kitchen team that prepares the orders from the guests in a theatre atmosphere specially designed and fully open in a 100m2 kitchen and its many innovative features such as specially-designed unique four-meter open fire cooking grill, which makes Argentine famous meat masters jealous, and the "Chef Table" where the Chef can enter and serve his tasting menu consisting of "Fine-Dining" specially prepared dishes for his guests.

In addition to such unique recipes as "camel burger", "Kataifi (shredded phyllo dough) stuffed with fillet steak or “Beef Carpaccio with roasted eggplant ice cream” ef Carpaccio," served in Turkey by SARI restaurant for the first time in Turkey, the world-renowned first-class “Steak” varieties, whose aroma is enriched with a dry resting technique, known as Dry-Aged, or traditional kebab varieties prepared using lambs from Gaziantep region, and for those who want more, fresh pasta group, with the dough rolled out in its own kitchen and with its first class flour, fresh cheese varieties and delicious pizza, without having to go to Italy, all varieties allow you to enrich your taste memories in SARI restaurant.

In SARI Restaurant serving taste lovers with its mixed breakfast comprised of organic or natural products against the magnificent sea view at the weekend, special recipe puff bread, which is made in a stone oven and served fresh and warm during breakfast, including puff pastry, pishi (Turkish fried flatbread) and spring rolls, are prepared meticulously in its open kitchen without using frozen ready foods.

For its customers who want to enjoy its unique tastes at home or to share with others, SARI Restaurant also offers its valued customers all the ingredients used in the restaurant, such as meat types carefully selected from special farms and processed by specialist butchers, and all kinds of cheese, olives, olive oil, eggs, sausage, top milk and honey used for breakfast, with the concept of "Gourmet Meat Market" where you can also buy delicatessen products, at an affordable price on the ground floor of the restaurant.

In short, the long-awaited quality food in Istanbul and long-awaited friendly service come to an end with #LezzetinRengi SARI.